James Alexander

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James Alexander
Residing In Napa, CA USA
Occupation Founder, Private Equity Fund, Portfolio Manager Carneros Capital Management
Children Jennifer, 1972, (Owner, The Staffing Company, Buffalo NY).
Nichole 1974, (General Manager, Dave More…Matthews Band and Phish).
Katelin 1989 Robert Half, Washington D.C.
Andrew 1992, Peace Corp, Nepal
Darby 1994, C4 Analitics (Google) Boston, MA
Yes! Attending Reunion

After school I was a musician (Drummer). I traveled a lot and enjoyed some success. I did some studio work with Sly Stewart (Stone), Maceo Parker and Ray Charles where I met Billy Preston and joined up with him in 1967, I retired in 1971 when Billy moved on to write and produce songs for the Beatles (i.e. "Get Back").

With a spotty education I became a Banker in 1973 as a "Chaser" chasing folks who failed to pay. Yep, it's true... I eventully ended up as a VP of the Fortune 500 lending division (US Banking) with Union Bank in S.F. ,

In 1985, at 39 I became a Bank President CEO, (Sonoma National Bank, Santa Rosa, CA).

In 1990 I joined a Singapore based Asian owned International bank as the CEO of US and European banking operations.

In 1992 I became the Primary Shareholder, President and CEO of First Charter Bank in Beverley Hills, CA. I converted it into an industry specific, entertainment only, commercial bank. I sold First Charter to a French bank and retired from banking in 1996.

With my contacts from banking I formed an investment practice, Carneros Capital Management, a Private Equity firm with headquarters in Napa, CA, My address of record. My client base covers 17 States in the US and 4 Foreign Countries with a large concentration of folks from the entertainment field that were with me at First Charter.

In addition to my retail investment business I also have 3 Institutional clients located in Singapore, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

Real Retirement? Well... that's not in the cards. I just love what I do too much, Love my clients too much, Love to travel too much. And I have all the time I need to do anything I want, particularly Photography, a long time passion of mine. It's a life I never dreamed of.

My life took me through 2 marriages to two wonderful ladies who gave me 5 outstanding children who I love dearly and visit often. So far 3 Grandchildren, Zack, Zoe and Reagan. I am single by choice and have never been happier. Nope...I'm not changin' a thing.

Update 8/30/2015: Well, not exactly. I did make some changes after all. Not listed above were some side businesses that were too complicated to describe, like buying delivery positions on private jets, (36 Month waiting list) and holding them to the last 6 months where I offered the position to people who didn't want to wait 36 months. I sold the positions for a premium.

During the first part of this year I sold all of the side business to Credit Lyonnaise in France and Goldman Saks in New York. My Entertainment client list was sold to CAA, Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, CA where I remain as a consultant during transition of the relationships. My partner in Carneros Capital Management, Paul DeDora, has formed DeDora Capital. I have joined his firm as an Independent Contractor where I continue to manage my hand picked client base to form a smaller asset management firm. Carneros Capital Management remains as a publishing entity and will eventually come back as my daughter Jennifer joins me to take over the remaining operations.

School Story

That was 50 years ago. Give me a break, C mon! I'll post something as I remember them. A rare occurrence.

However, I am in touch with both of my high school girlfriends, Ginny (Brown) Rice (1964) and Merilee (Meek) Eaton (1964).

I visit Ginny on occasion and speak often on the phone. She is loving living on the the River up in Trinity County.

I just visited Merilee at her home in Ojai Valley. Also met her husband who is a real kick. We tied one on and road it into the night. For all who care, she is doing very well.

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I hope you don't mind if a Muse a bit. My banking career has 2 parts, before Chrysler and after Chrysler. 1979. Chrysler was failing. Lee Iacocca petitioned the US Treasury for a bail-out. I was with Sanwa Bank (Japan) in SF and was on the team managing the Chrysler Realationship. To my amazement, when things got difficult and Creditor Meetings were set up to settle the issues, I was chosen to be the Representative of the Bank. I was the youngest person in the room by 20 years. While at a dinner one night I was asked how I came to be a part of the Creditors Committee, alluding to my age. I said, "Well, I guess Sanwa decided I was the best man for the job". My Legal Counsel, Hobie, said, "You don't know why you're here do you". "Why do you say that?" "Sanwa sent YOU because they wanted to show just how much they disrespected the process!" Wow...what a downer. Hobie became my best friend, like a Brother. Today he is Chief Counsel for the Steve Jobs Family. With his help I got Sanwa out of Chrysler with a full pay-off of the credit. Before Chrysler I was just another Lackey with no Title, After Chrysler, I was treated like a hero. Sanwa made me VP. Soon after I went to Union Bank in SF.

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James Alexander has a birthday today.
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Happy Birthday Jim, I hope that you have a great day with lots of good things planned for today and the future...

James Alexander has a birthday today.
Nov 19, 2014 at 1:33 AM
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What an interesting life you have had..

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