In Memory

Gail Hinchcliff (Derringer)

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11/04/12 10:02 AM #1    

Susan Johnson

Gail and I met in kindergarden.  Even then, she had a big mouth and was a big girl. We became friends quickly and created disturbances in the class giggling and laughing.  She had a wicked sense of humor which she may have gotten from her father.  Here's one story.

  In junior high a gang us kids used to go to the cemetery to see if we could break into  a cyrpt, hoping, I guess, to scare ourselves shitless.  At school we heard that we could fulfill our  hopes at " Rober'ts Tomb"  (And yes, I  do so  apologize to that family!)  So Gail and I went after school that day.  There were about 10 kids there and we helped each other through the half moon opening above the locked door, and yes, we saw bones, as one of the casket had been opened.  Then someone outside yelled," look out, the gardener!", and we went out the way we came in, only discherveled. with scrapes on our elbows  and knees.  We were late for dinner.  Gail told her parents of our adventure.  Her father's remark was "Oh hell yes, that's the  first place we'd go to look for you if you were lost."    ( Irony and everything.)  We thought that was the funniest thing ever.  I told my parents that I fell down.

After high school, Gail married a Piedmont policeman, Harry  Derringer and they had a son, Ray.  She loved music especially Martha and the Vandellas, and she loved all animals and so much more.

  We were still friends when she got ovarian cancer.  She fought hard but died in March of '85 just before her 40th birthday.  She was a good friend. 

Susan Johnson

06/15/13 02:40 PM #2    

Catherine Gonick

She was my friend too, and I was along for the Robert's tomb escapade.  Big girl, big heart, and gone much too early.

06/16/13 10:03 AM #3    

Jill Cook

I miss Gail to this day.  She and I polished off almost an entire chocolate cake batter raw, in one sitting. We ate most of it in the closet at her house because we knew her mother would put a stop to it. She was a good and dear friend who could always make me laugh.

10/15/13 10:29 AM #4    

Jayne DuMont (Mack)

Warm memories of Gail, brought back by your wonderful posts. A's all around from your friendly English teacher!

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