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Piedmont High School
Class Of 1963

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Our 55th Reunion Picnic on November 4 at the Rec. Center was a happy event with perfect weather and not much smoke from the Paradise fire.

The turnout was mild as expected, but with some surprise classmates attending along with Jim Livingstone (PHS 1960) who works very hard on our website.

There were 34 people total,  26 of them were Classmates. We all had a great time and could talk a lot more than usual at these type of gatherings.

I will post a list of who was there that I hope is complete along with some photos under Reunion Picnic Photos (55th) on our website. There are some photos that appear to be duplicates, which is almost true. They are posted on purpose as people were moving around and you can get a better look at various people from one photo to another, etc. – especially if you zoom in.

If anyone has additional photos, please post them on the All Reunion Picmic Photos.

I’ll attempt to I.D. some of the people with a few captions.



Websites for other PHS Classes

We have added three new PHS website addresses for the years 1966, 1967 and 1968 which are listed at the bottom of this page with the other five PHS years addresses (1959 – 1964). They all use the same format from the host, Class Creator. Just reading the classmate names under Profiles can be interesting as there are many siblings in various years.


Our website is pretty good and often updating and adding features. In our Profiles they have now added places for four more photos and made it easy to add them. Each one is in a grayed inactive frame and they are titled Master (recognizable?), Then, Now, Yearbook or Grad and Videos.

After you Log In to the site, an area appears in the lower part of the yellow area titled Member Functions. Just click on “Edit Profile”. Then you can mouse over each frame and it will change to let you add a photo to that location.

It’s a simple way to add some interest to your profile without having to write anything. As always, if you need assistance, contact Jeff or Jim.

Websites for other PHS Classes

Listed below are the addresses of other PHS class websites for you to review. You can see most all of a site without a password.

All of these classes use the same basic format with very few variations on details. Each class has their own policy in regard to passwords or guests.

Click on “Contact Us” on any website if you wish alumni assistance for passwords. PHS alumni are well received.






1965:  no website




If you know how to contact any of the classmates listed below please contact :

Jeff Robinson, PHS 1963 (Classmate)    (707) 297-6053 

Ten Aun Hwang

Stella Wong