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Piedmont High School
Class Of 1963


As promised in the recent message below, Highlander Memories is now posted in the yellow area on the left. I hope it is entertaining and stimulates your memories for everyone’s enjoyment. Please email your comments for the future post of Classmates Memories.

This website notification is being sent to all classmates for the first time. We hope that additional classmates will chose to join the website  and receive future periodic emails that are sent when there is an issue of class wide interest. There is a lot of information and photos posted in the yellow area on the left. Please take a look.

Go Scots!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a request for us to have some fun and try to remember things from when we were growing up while they are still vivid, if you know what I mean.

There soon will be a new subject posted on the left in the yellow area titled Highlander Memories.

If you read it, please make notes of things that you also remember that are not mentioned or any corrections if you wish. You probably should do this on your first and possibly only read.

The plan is to share what each of you writes with all 162 classmates that are on the roster.  Your memories will be listed in a future post under this subject of exactly what you write.

If you keep recalling stuff later on, send additional emails.

Write your memories or stories in an email in any style you wish. Just a brief “one liner” is fine or more as you please. Write your name at end of it.  If you do not, it will appear as anonymous.

I will copy exactly what you write and paste it to the future classmates memories document.

The Subject of your email must be PHS or Memories so that I will recognize it and not delete it.

Send your email to:

So please participate and send some laughs!

It would be best to get this done pretty soon as the holidays are near.


Jeff Robinson  

Websites for other PHS Classes

Listed below are the addresses of other PHS class websites for you to review. You can see most all of a site without a password.

All of these classes use the same basic format with very few variations on details. Each class has their own policy in regard to passwords or guests.

Click on “Contact Us” on any website if you wish alumni assistance for passwords. PHS alumni are well received.






If you know how to contact any of the classmates listed below please contact :

Jeff Robinson, PHS 1963 (Classmate)    (707) 297-6053  or

Jim Livingstone, PHS 1960 (Webmaster) (925) 216-1898

Karen Dahl Rutherford

Ten Aun Hwang

Robert Lowery

Stella Wong             



Calvin Knickerbocker Jr. wrote:

The "site administrator" has done and continues to do, one hell of a good job with this site; it is appreciated by all I'm sure; so please keep it up, Piedmont CO '63