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Piedmont High School
Class Of 1963


Announcing the upcoming Piedmont Wall of Honor commemorating the women and men who have Achieved the Honorable by serving our Country.

The Wall of Honor (WoH) committee has worked for 18 months successfully seeking approval from the school system, City administrators and community. The WoH exhibit will be in the school library with access by a touch screen interactive Kiosk for the students and visitors. It will also be available to your mobile device or home computer. You will be able to submit additional names, details, stories and photos to help the list grow.

The cornerstone of the WoH will be a robust website and a digital repository of service member names & information of those from Piedmont who have served in any one of the uniformed nine branches of service:  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Public Health Service, US NOAA, Nurses or in the U.S. Foreign Service.

The Members List will include the names, branch of service, PHS graduation year and special remarks. Visitors to the website and the interactive kiosk will have access to a submission form for friends and family members to contribute new entries, stories and photos to add to the list. Examples are:

Egbert W. Beach KIA, 1918, Army, WW I (Grammar School); David Waybur KIA, 1938, Army, WW II (Congressional Medal of Honor, Silver Star); Jean Witter Jr KIA, 1938, Navy, WW II (Witter Football Field).

To build a professional exhibit that honors our service members and a robust website & databank suitable for use by students in a school setting, by the alumni and community at large is expensive.   Please consider a Donation (tax deductible) of any amount to speed our Wall of Honor to be completed.

Donors that contribute by May 15 will be designated as Founders and receive recognition on the Wall of Honor website. Founding Donors in the Honor, Pride and Courage categories will be included as part of the permanent Wall of Honor exhibit in the library.

Please visit the website for complete details:

Clicking the Donation tab will explain the fast way to contribute by email or USPS letter.

Donations will be used to hire an affordable, experienced, local professional web development company and to design, purchase and install all components of the Wall of Honor inside the PHS Ambassador Christopher Stevens Memorial library.

The community and alumni are invited to attend the Wall of Honor Groundbreaking Ceremony on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 4PM in the Ambassador Christopher Stevens Memorial Library at Piedmont High School

Click on the website Contact tab and complete the form on the bottom for any questions.


Our website is pretty good and often updating and adding features. In our Profiles they have now added places for four more photos and made it easy to add them. Each one is in a grayed inactive frame and they are titled Master (recognizable?), Then, Now, Yearbook or Grad and Videos.

After you Log In to the site, an area appears in the lower part of the yellow area titled Member Functions. Just click on “Edit Profile”. Then you can mouse over each frame and it will change to let you add a photo to that location.

It’s a simple way to add some interest to your profile without having to write anything. As always, if you need assistance, contact Jeff or Jim.

Websites for other PHS Classes

Listed below are the addresses of other PHS class websites for you to review. You can see most all of a site without a password.

All of these classes use the same basic format with very few variations on details. Each class has their own policy in regard to passwords or guests.

Click on “Contact Us” on any website if you wish alumni assistance for passwords. PHS alumni are well received.






If you know how to contact any of the classmates listed below please contact :

Jeff Robinson, PHS 1963 (Classmate)    (707) 297-6053  or

Jim Livingstone, PHS 1960 (Webmaster) (925) 216-1898

Karen Dahl Rutherford

Ten Aun Hwang

Robert Lowery

Stella Wong